Best Web Developer Interview Questions to Impress The Interviewer

web developer interview questions

The web developer interview questions 2015 would always need some effective answers. These questions help you to answer the interview in an effective manner.

The career of a web developer is at boom these days. Considering the payment offered to these professionals, there are many people who would want to pursue their web developing course and would want to develop a successful career in this field. However, there are certain challenges associated with it. Firstly, the major challenge is that to answer the interview in an effective way. For this sake, it is essential that you have an idea on the web developer interview questions that are normally asked. With the below mentioned web developer interview questions 2015, you will be able to get a fair idea and this will truly be helpful for you to answer the interview in an effective manner. When you have an idea on this, web developer interview would be easy.

web developer interview

  • Firstly, after the basic questions, you might be asked about what are the usual responsibilities of a professional in this field. Make sure you understand the responsibilities very well, so that you can clearly justify the role. Fixing of the bugs, troubleshooting and resolving various other problems, program testing, debug of the web applications are some of the responsibilities included.
  • You may be asked on the professional knowledge that a web developer needs to possess. Ideally, they are required to possess knowledge in various fields such as CSS, HTML, SQL, Javascript etc.
  • Have knowledge on Cross-Origin Resource Sharing as this is something that is usually asked. Know to explain it well.
  • The advantages associated with HTTP/2 when compared to HTTP 1.1 is also a likely question. Make sure to answer is a very differentiated way.

web developer

  • Have knowledge on ETag as well and know how it actually works.
  • Know about long polling as well as providing explanation of it can be the most likely question asked.
  • Explanation on Document Type Declaration could be asked and make sure that you understand the differences between PCDATA and CDATA in DTD.

web developer interview questions 2015

  • You also may be asked for some tips that will reduce load time of web application that is written by you.
  • You may also be asked on the right way of including the JavaScript on HTML.
  • Explanation of CSS and various properties associated with it could also be asked.

web developer interview questions

  • Different questions related to HTML tagging could also be asked.
  • Make sure that you know the differences between local storage and cookies as this is a likely question.
  • Also have an idea of some of the effective ways that will help in the reduction of the page load time.

Best Web Developer Interview Questions 2015

So with all these web developer interview questions, you will be able to gain confidence when answering the interview as most of the questions would be relating to this or somewhere close to these lines. The web developer interview questions would always need some effective answers and hence, make sure to prepare yourself well for the interview so that you will be able to excel in it. We wish you all the very best!

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