20 Best Typography Tools For Web Designers

Typography is the best useful part of the web design and development. These typography tools provide many types of styling elements for web designers.

Typography is the art and technique which used to make the language visible for learning. Basically Typography is involved a proper selection of typefaces, line height, line spacing, point size, adjusting the spaces between the group of letters and much more for it to be attractive. Fonts make a webpage more beautiful, more readable and accessible for visitors, so we used typography tools. Typography tools are executed by typesetters, compositors, graphic designers which helps to make the language more easily and effectively. These typography tools help to create amazing text effects with the help of clicks and more helpful when you are not able to find a good web designer. We are showing you some of the best typography tools 2015 for web designers.

20 Best Typography Tools For Web Designers

Here goes the list of the 20 best typography tools for web designers that are beneficial for all kinds of online marketing and business.



FontStruct is a free typography creation kit with a simple editor that makes it easy for you to quickly and easily craft your own fonts. You can save your creations, share them with the Fonstruct community, and even download other members’ shared fonts for use in your print designs.


FontStruct is a free typography creation kit with a simple editor that makes it easy for you to quickly and easily craft your own fonts. You can save your creations,

Create your own fonts on either Windows 8 or your iPad using this cool mobile app for freehand font editing. You can alter preexisting glyphs or draw your own from scratch, all with the touch of a finger.



Typecast is a new browser based app for accurate and standards-based typography on the web. It’s a brand-new tool for designers and art directors that clearly renders your type designs, creates good CSS, and provides you with smooth controls over every detail. You can try and combine over 23,000 web fonts, and compare looks side-by-side. Expand type pairs into fully scaled, kerned, colourised and web-ready stacks of real content using simple visual controls. Make project-wide changes in mere seconds thanks to CSS Styles.

Font Friend

Font Friend - web design



Typewolf lets you identifies the fonts used in the design.


Typetester - web design

Typetester is an online application for comparison of the fonts for the screen. Its’ primary role is to make web designer’s life easier. As the new fonts are bundled into operating systems, the list of the common fonts will be updated. Typetester’s code structure is XHTML, styled with the finest CSS and driven by the JavaScript for manipulating DOM structures.


Fontli - web design

Fontli is the self-proclaimed social network for typography lovers, allowing you to upload photos of typefaces and add descriptive tags. You can browse other users images for inspiration when creating your own original typefaces.


Typekit - fonts

Whether in independent studios or large corporations, designers use fonts delivered by Typekit to create beautiful, original typographic designs.


Typewar - typography tools 2015

How well do you know your typefaces? Test your skills and train your brain to better identify fonts by sight using this fun typography game. Just click the typeface that you think the letter belongs to.


LetterMPress - fonts

LetterMPress is a typography app and educational resource all about the art of letterpress. This interactive program for Mac and iPad lets you try your hand at creating virtual letterpress designs while also learning the fundamentals of letterpress at the same time.


Typedia - fonts

Typedia is the best place to learn more about your favorite fonts. It’s the Wikipedia of typography, except that the pages weren’t written by random strangers on the Internet, as the information came from Typedia’s community of font aficionados and experts.


Tiff - typography tools 2015

This typography tool works by demonstrating the graphical differences between two fonts. Just choose a pair of fonts from their massive database, and they will display the fonts on top of one another or side-by-side so that you can easily compare the two.

Web Font Generator

Web Font Generator - typography tools

Find the best collection of free unique and quality fonts for your next project. Choose your favorite and make it live in your project.

Serif Font Identification Guide

Serif Font Identification Guide

You can quickly and efficiently identify serif-based fonts with this tool. Simply select the elements that most closely match your font, and the program will provide you with a list of possibilities.

Font Picker

Font Picker - typography tools

So you’ve downloaded all of our 99 best free fonts for print design and now you can’t figure out which one to use? There’s an app for that! Font Picker shows you all of your installed fonts, letting you eliminate the ones you don’t like until you’re left with the perfect choice.


YourFont - typography tools

YourFonts.com is an online font generator that allows you to create your own OpenType fonts within a couple of minutes.

Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase Fusion - typography tools for web designers

Suitcase Fusion is a font manager that integrates directly with the Adobe Suite, allowing you to preview and activate new fonts without leaving any of the Creative Cloud apps. It also comes with a powerful font search tool and side-by-side comparison.

Type Wonder

YourFonts - typography tools for web designers

TypeWonder is a free-to-use web application for testing a website with different fonts in real-time. We simply enter the URL of the website, select the font from a list of free fonts (currently, only Google Fonts) and the site is presented with the new font.


FFFFALLBACK - typography tools for web designers

FFFFALLBACK is a simple tool for bulletproof web typography. it is a bookmarklet that scans the CSS of the page in order to identify existing web fonts. FFFFALLBACK makes it easy to find the perfect fallback fonts so that your designs degrade gracefully.


Fontdeck - typography tools for web designers

Fontdeck lets you maintain your distinct brand online without resorting to time-consuming hacks. Use real text with professional typefaces optimised for the web.

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